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Boris M Struk

Following a successful period in Sales and Marketing, Boris established his own consultancy, Business Marketing Service, where he provided services to several major national and international corporations.

Shortly after the birth of Business Marketing Service, Boris’ youngest son Ryan, then 3 and a half, was diagnosed to be affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Making a commitment to secure sufficient resources to influence the inevitable outcome that Muscular Dystrophy presented, Boris embarked on that journey… initially as a volunteer for the then fledgling MDA, and now as the Executive Director.

In the time since his involvement, Boris’ efforts have centered on developing a profile for Muscular Dystrophy and guiding the MDA in the establishment of a wide range of support services for the MD Community, based on his own family circumstance. In 1995, he saw the potential that the “web” had to offer and together with Ryan, established “The Home of MDA”… the first MD site on the Internet. To date, this site has received over 14.5 million hits and been cited by many credible institutions and publications.

Boris’ reputation for “getting things done”, coupled with his strong support for research saw him play a pivotal role in the establishment of the Melbourne Neuromuscular Research Institute (MNRI). And more recently, strengthening the position of the Institute by guiding it through the amalgamation with the Howard Florey Institute, creating the National Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre (NMDRC). His appointment as Board Member of the Howard Florey Institute and Director of the NMDRC, further solidifies his commitment to sponsoring and facilitating research.

His passion for photography lay latent for many years while MD took prime carriage for his available time. His original concept of Melbourne’s Delights also lay dormant for several years, with the fear that “someone else would beat me to it”… until now. The Melbourne’s Delights Exhibition and publication of the book is testimony to the fact that he gets things done!

My Diverse Australia is the sequel to the very successful Melbourne’s Delights Exhibition.  The contributing photographers come from an eclectic arts, music, theatre, fashion and film background and offer a unique perspective of this amazing country of ours - Australia.  

While some of the contributors are our own “home grown heroes” others are visitors to our shores. However each “celebrity” photographer has captured the essence of what appeals to them most.

Enjoy the visit to My Diverse Australia.


Last Update:18th August 2006